Most parties or weddings these days have a VIDEO or Picture slide show during the night of the party.

SO why not make it into a VIDEO DANCE since the video screen is already at the location.

We take your VIDEO or SLIDESHOW and SHOW it with OUR 12 FOOT screen
You don't have to worry about renting or setting up the video screen and projector
Avalon Video takes care of all the requirements. (depending on the size of the room)
Just give us a copy of your video before the BIG event.

We also have available a HD BROADCAST video camera to record your event and show it on screen LIVE as it happens.

Text your requests DIRECTLY to the VJ 
You don't even have to get out of your SEAT
Live TWITTER ON SCREEN FEEDS may be AVAILABLE (internet connection required)

Live on SCREEN messages and announcements 
Such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, and ENGAGEMENTS

Video messages from away 
If you family can't make it to you event, they can record thier special video message on there phone and email it. Then on your special night  it can be played on the Video Screen

Equipment available are
(click on link for more details)

Wharfedale Titan 15 D Speakers with stands
Virtual  DJ software
Hercules  DJ Controller
DJ Console Mk
4 Sony Broadcast WIRELESS transmitters and Receivers
4 LED PROGRAMMABLE Gobo Moving Lights
4 LED chaser Lights
American DJ Revo III light
American DJ Tri phase Light
American DJ Mister KOOL HAZE MACHINE - Low Lying  near your feet FOG
Smoke Machine - Rising Fog
Chauvet Truss System
LED Video Projector

Travel ANYWHERE in Newfoundland